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Only 1995 LE Per Year 

Including Domain + Hosting + Design + Facebook Page
( Domain Name + Hosting + WebDesign + E-mails + Facebook Page )
Professional website hosting and email includes the following:
  • cPanel professional control panel.

  • Create any number of email accounts on your website name. @yourname

  • Control of all email accounts at any time from the first registered day

Your Website will includes the folowing:
  • Design a professional website at your Domain Name free

  • Web Designer tool enables you to add, delete and edit any number of pages within the design easily.

  • Ability to Add a professional or simple Online Store

  • Free SSL Certificate to use your website https://

  • Ability to use and Install WordPress

  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly backup

  • Complete control for all emails @yourwebsitename for any number of users

All email accounts include:
  • Works on all computers or laptops.

  • Full support for all Outlook software and other email applications

  • All accounts support  @yourname

  • Control panel for each WebMail account enables it to open the account via the web and also control the change of password for each account.

  • Secure all accounts by using SSL.

  • Spam protection systems with control level selection.

  • Reports on all outgoing messages on your site including all accounts.

  • The possibility of creating and using any number of subdomains.

  • PHP\/Python\/Java\/NodeJS Hosting supports programming languages.

  • The possibility of creating any number of databases.

  • SSL certificate for website and email free of charge.

  • FTP Accounts.

  • Hyper protection for password.

  • The possibility of backing up at any time and downloading it to your device.

  • Full File Manager to control all files on the space.

  • Set up sites to set your site for the highest browsing speed.

  • The fastest servers suitable for the Middleast and Africa to ensure fast browsing and usage.

  • Highest level of stability.

  • Secure against external hacks and DDOS attacks.

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